I used sss mental ray shader with this textures. The epidermal and subdermal textures are variations of the original one.

I broke down the shader and compose all the layers in photoshop , so the weight values here shown are not important.

For breaking down the shader, I duplicate the original, made one for each layer and changed the values of the weights for each. For example for the diffuse pass, the weight of diffuse is 1 and epidermal, subdermal, specular, etc is 0. I only change the weight values, all the other values are the same for all.

I made this layers:


Then in photoshop, I used this blending modes to create the final skin.

With this technique i had more control that using the original shader. I can quickly adjust the porcentege of each skin layer, change colors, contrast, levels for each layer.

Look that I made a mask for the reflection pass, i only wanted that reflection on the lips.

This mask is ok because I was going to create still images. If it were for animation, I would have to paint the weight of the textures before rendering the passes...



They are polygon cones with different sizes. All were manually placed. Simple and tedious work here.



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